Summer Camps

OVO's popular gymnastics summer camps will be offered in summer 2024 again.

Summer Camps

  • Week 23, mon-fri Päivänkehrän koulu (Olari)
  • Week 23, mon-fri Vanttilan koulu
  • Week 24, mon-fri Päivänkehrän koulu 
  • Week 24, mon-fri Vanttilan koulu
  • Week 25, mon-thu Päivänkehrän koulu 
  • Week 31, mon-fri  Soukan koulu 
  • Week 31, mon-fri Kuitinmäen yläkoulu (Olari)

Camp days 8:30-16:30 daily.

Camp sites

  • Kuitinmäen yläkoulu (Kuitinkuja 4, Espoo)
  • Päivänkehrän koulu (Päivänkehräntie 2, Espoo)
  • Vanttilan koulu (Nissintie 2, Espoo)
  • Soukan koulu (Soukankuja 5, Espoo)


You can choose to participate for five, four, three or two days.

  • Mon-fri (5 days) 170€
  • Mon-thu (4 days) 150€
  • Mon-wed (3 days) 130€
  • Mon-tue (2 days) 110€

+ membership fee 15€ for new members

The price includes a daily warm lunch, a gymnastics apparatus/a visit to Esport Extreme, and a camp product (chosen at the camp site). You can choose to order an afternoon snack from OVO (+4€/day).

For who?
Camps are open to anyone, also without previous gymnastics experience. The camps are aimed at children in preschool and elementary school.

Camp programme
At camp the children practice gymnastics skills in a relaxed and fun way. The days include for example acrobatics, gymnastics with different apparatus and games/playing both inside and outside. At the end of the camp there is a show, where those who want to can perform the gymnastics routines they learned during the week.